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Perfect for beginners who are looking to establish solid foundations for their shuffle journey

Give yourself the start you deserve and you too can enjoy a life that is abundance in dance

Help is available offline during the hours of 09:00AM - 05:00PM AEST Monday - Friday

  • instagram @francisvoxo
  • whatsapp +61 420 676 279

Use this hashtag to have your own #twwdwm experience through your social media

purchase using your gmail address as the files are shared through google drive

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alex Chantarungsi
Number 1 shuffler

These classes thought me so many things about shuffling I didn’t even know. I’ve been shuffling for quite awhile now and didn’t realise I’ve missed so many of the basic. After watching these classes I’ve improved insanely. Would highly recommend really straightforward course to follow!

Victor Kuang
They don’t call him a legend for no reason

The shuffling classes and offline help that Francis provides is top notch. Francis was always an inspiration to me since I was a kid and it was really great to have found him on IG and being able to learn from the Francis himself. I never really got to learn shuffling and was self taught, but the classes taught me the fundamentals and cleaned up all the basics I knew. I was told my progress increased dramatically in a very short period of time since I started learning from Francis. He was always there to help! I’m still in process of constantly improving and still getting offline help from him when I can and I greatly appreciate his help and feedback. I’m glad to be able to learn from the legend himself and being a friend

Emma Beani
Learning to Shuffle

Firstly Francis is a beautiful human he has time for everyone. He is truly inspirational in the way he expresses himself through Melbourne shuffle. The way he teaches is also amazing he is very patient and breaks the movements down so its clear to understand. His years and years of dancing and the fact his is an original Melbourne shuffle dancer from Melbourne makes it such a privilege to be a part of learning dance from him.
I reccomend Francis as a teacher to anyone wanting to learn my personal experience as a student with him was great and the things he taught me will always stay with me.

Wan-Ting Peng
Shuffle baby

I started my shuffle journey with him in the style of Melbourne shuffle with emphasis on the correct execution of the running man, T step, rocking combined with spins and glides. Francis’s approach to teaching goes beyond just showing you some steps, he gives you the ability to appreciate and better understand the art of dancing and its technique. He has endless patience and a very motivating way to teach and push you forward. He is so encouraging and enthusiastic and you can tell that he loves sharing his extensive knowledge with his pupils.

He takes time to really explain technique and the feel of each movement. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending he as an excellent teacher to anyone, any level and age.

Pure Shuffling

When I found Francis I was about a year into my journey and dealing with frustrations learning on my own. The term fundamental tends to be something that is perceived as a starting point or for beginners for most things. What I came to find in Francis’s program is that my fundamental shuffle steps where weak. I came to the realization that I was spending way too much time trying to follow tutorials and learn things that are not shuffle steps. In going through this program I found a new way to approach my learning process, what felt like starting over was just the start of building over new foundation. This foundation has given me more self confidence in my movement and how I approach building my own style going forward.

I would encourage anyone looking to learn or refine their shuffle to go through this class. Not to mention you will be learning from a true master of their craft and an inspiring community leader! 🌏🌎🌍