The crew was established in 2008 by Francis Vo. After spending about a year with TMS, he wanted to pursue the experience of having his own crew and the rest is history.
Bass Captives is one of the longest standing crews to exist in the world of Melbourne Shuffling and it is now home to shufflers from around the world.

Founding Members:

  • Francis Vo
  • Maikool
  • David
  • Poita
  • Trang
  • Tim-Oh

Our Core Values:

  1. Aspire to be the best shuffler that you can be whilst enjoying each and every present version of yourself in the process
  2. Motivate, inspire and rally the crew

If this sounds like something that you resonate with and you would like to join our team, feel free to message @francisvoxo on instagram and make Bass Captives your home today.



Q: Do I have to post and make videos all the time?
A: No you don't, you are free to make videos whenever you feel like and you don't have to make videos to be part of the crew if that isn't something that you're into

Q: Do I have to shuffle and dance only to hardstyle?
A: No, you are free to dance to anything that moves your soul

Q: Do I have to buy crew merchandise to be part of the crew?
A: No, however it will always be there for you if you want it. Sometimes people just want to support the crew, so merchandise isn't only reserved for the crew

Q: Do I have to be from Melbourne to join the crew?
A: You guessed it! No, in 2015 the vision went global and we opened our doors to the rest of the world.
In doing so, it makes it easier for you to connect with other members when you travel so that you aren't ever going to feel alone. No matter where you are in the world.