Experience the city of Melbourne, as a shuffler

Here is a guide to how you can get the best out of your trip when you visit Melbourne

  1. Make sure you stay in the city CBD
    It will make it easy for you to get to most places as there are free tram routes within the city but make sure you add a MYKI to your digital wallet so you can use that to tap on & off when taking public transport (if you are required to pay)
    This allows you to top it up as you go without having to visit a kiosk
  2. Forget visiting viral restaurants/cafes
    I don't think they're worth all the hype but if you'd really have to try them, go for it. This list will include some recommendations that I really enjoy and I hope that you do too
  3. Pack for all occasions
    Melbourne weather can be quite random, but if you're anything like me, you'll have to muscle through it in shorts and some high socks. Also, don't forget to pack your dancing shoes
  4. Also be mindful when shooting shuffle videos, wear headphones if you can, don't disturb the peace all too much and respect the space that you take up

 Some of the coolest things that any shuffler can do is visit the legendary landmarks or Points Of Interests! 

  1. Federation Square 
    This was the spot for Melbourne Shuffle Meet Ups back in 2007. Most trainline's would stop at Flinder's St Station which meant shufflers from all over Melbourne would travel into the city to participate in the meet or they were there just for fun. 
    And picture this, we even decked ourselves out in ravewear! From phat pants, suspenders and rave hoodies from PHD & Hard Kandy. 
    I didn't even go to those clubs at 15 years old! 

  2. Visit the NGV
    If you can get a shuffle video in here, you would be the 2nd person to do this.. but remember to be respectful to the art and the space as there are people who go there to respectfully observe art..
    Be mindful not to obstruct the space for too long to capture your moment, if you do, wear headphones so you aren't being too disruptive

    I highly rate the foyer because the ground is just divine to shuffle on 

  3. Visit the Botanical Gardens
    Great place for a walk in the park, definitely go during the day, I think the gates generally close around 5:30PM and you are free to roam around the outskirts of the garden. You'll find some nice pockets to shuffle in

  4. Check out our graffiti Laneways
    - Hosier Lane
    - Caledonian Lane
    - AC/DC Lane
    - Cocker Lane
    - Ruteledge Lane
    - Union Lane

  5. Melbourne Central
    Not a bad place to shop or get a drink if you're after something a lot more casual. Try and get a shuffle video underneath the clock if you can!

  6. China Town
    There are so many cool bars and fun things to do around China town! If you're interested in playing pool, darts, singing karaoke and eating dumplings, this place is the place to go!
    A great place to meet-up & pre-drink before heading to Billboards, oh and also make sure you grab a video! Watch out for cars! 

  7. IMAX Museum
    This is going to be the go-to spot for Melbourne Shuffle Meet Ups these days! I host them myself and they generally happen 1 Sunday a month, so make sure you're following me on instagram to be notified of when they're on! Also, maybe you could book me for a shuffle lesson!
    Other than that, Cartlon Gardens is very nice, if you feel like you want to surround yourself with grass and trees, this place is definitely vibrant during the day

  8. Lygon Street
    Little Italy, you'll understand why when you go there. If you're feeling like ice-cream, I highly recommend Pidapipo, if this flavour is available, make sure you grab raspberry swirl, it is my favourite! Pistachio is would have to be my 2nd pick.
    If you feel like having a chicken parma, I highly recommend Universal. Their chicken parmas are quite sizey! Be sure to grab your mushroom sauce on the side! 
    Now if you're here with a big group of friends and you're up for the challenge, you can try and smash a 3Meter pizza at Crinitis. Don't worry, you won't be stuck with just the 1 flavour, you can choose up to 9! (i think) 
    However, D.O.C Pizza is actually one of my favourite pizzerias. Get the Buffalo Mozzarella one! 

  9. Rose St Parking Lot
    If you want to capture shuffle videos here, you'll definitely have to come during the weekday as it is fairly empty. On the weekends they generally hold craft markets with overpriced goodies but definitely grab something that you like if you're interested in supporting local businesses. NOW, you cannot visit Rose St Parking lot without checking out Moon Cruller JUST WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY PUT IN THESE DONUTS?! THEY ARE SO GOOD. MAKE SURE YOU GRAB 1 OF EVERY FLAVOUR
    ALSO, if you love trance and want to grab a feed I highly recommend THAT BURGER JOINT let Jack know I sent you and he will take care of you!

  10. Crown Casino
    I'm not much of a gambler but downstairs right outside kingpin bowling was the place we shot the TMS/HSR shuffle video! It isn't what it used to be and if you do go there, there isn't much to see but whilst you're here, you could definitely check out the gaming amusement park. They have dance rush machines inside and more!

  11. Queen Victoria Market
    Get yourself a borek and some hot jam donuts if you're visiting during the day. Otherwise if you do visit at night, the occasionally have night markets. Go with your friends so you can all line up at different shop stalls, then, meet back together and devour everything!
    I havent done this yet, but you can capture some nice shuffle videos just on the side of queen victoria market at night. When the light bulbs are turned on making it quite a dreamy place to shoot a video!

  12. Docklands
    Capture a video above the woolworths parking lot. The Ferris wheel is no longer running but it still makes a nice backdrop to let people know where you are.

  13. Visit St Kilda Beach
    To dance in front of the Palais Theatre at night or the Luna Park Mouth, whichever one that looks more picturesque

  14. Check out South Melbourne Market
    Get here early in the morning and enjoy a day with fresh seafood and pandan croissants! Sure the line at Agathe can be a bit of a wait but it's so worth it! South Melbourne dimsims are a little bit much so you won't need to order more than 1 per person

  15. Go out dancing
    Now you can't say you've been to Melbourne without having a boogie on a night out! Luckily for you, there is almost something on every weekend so, please check the page for upcoming events and secure your tickets asap

  16. Have your dance shoes cleaned before going home
    Now the last thing you want is to come back home with some filthy ass sneakers. It's a given and you're going to have to expect to trash your beloved dance shoes on a night out. Luckily for you, there is a place in Melbourne that will help restore your shoe, think of it like the Pokemon Center but for sneakers, except you won't be greeted by Nurse Joy, but by Eugene and his team over at The Sneaker Laundry